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11 May, 2020

Top 5 things to do in isolation when your high

The world is in a weird place. Lockdown laws have forced us to stay at home 24/7 in order to fight an invisible enemy the experts call COVID-19. And while it does sound good in theory to sit at home, smoke a joint and just chill, we're finding out in practice, its a little boring. 

After 3 weeks of spending your time watching the clouds pass above, or reading some dumb book that someone told you was good - but it's not - you may be looking for something else to do in your spare time when you're high. Well if you are, check out these ideas for some inspiration.

1. Make apocalypse cannabis cookies  

Now that you have plenty of time your hands, what a great time to update your baking skills. And since it feels like the end of the world, why not get into the spirit by making apocalypse cookies!


Photo credit has come up with a delicious chocolate chip cookie that contains all of the superfood ingredients. They say their cookies "will help boost the immune system, reduce stress & anxiety and increase your general health." We'll take their word for it, because anything that can distract us from the fact that the world is fighting a deadly virus has got to be good for your health.

Find the recipe here. Get baking kiddies!

2. Get high and watch the movie Cat’s – like Seth Rogan

Everyone is getting through these uncertain times in their own way. Some people have started pumping their body with immune-boosting drugs such as Vitamin C. Others have decided to curl up in bed with a wine bottle and watch Netflix.

But if you are Seth Rogan, you do none of the above. Instead, you get really high, put on the 2019 musical fantasy film 'Cats', and start tweeting about it all over the internet. 


You don't even need to watch the movie for yourself to be entertained. Roll a joint and scroll through Seth Rogan's comments. You will either burst into uncontrollable laughter, or start to feel very in tune with his thoughts and feelings about the scenes. 

Either way, it is a perfect way to waste at least 5 mins of your isolation life. Below are the top three to get you started (the Theatre Cat is our favourite). 

Find the rest of Seth Rogan’s rant here.

3. Make yourself stoner friend

For many of us, creativity has been a savour. Without the usual humdrum of life or other humans, our minds have been given a chance to expand and grow. 

Some of this creativity is inspiring, resourceful, and innovative. Some of it is just plain sad. Like Brianna Wheeler's idea, who wrote in an article for the Willamette Weekabout how to make a sock puppet as a smoking companion. 


At first, you may have just read that and thought 'I will never weaken to a point where I am so lonely I'll make a sock puppet for a smoking companion'. But my friend, in times of crisis, human beings do weird sh*t, and now is one of those times of crisis. 

And what a perfect thing to do when you're baked out of your mind! Arts and craft is always a good idea. If you're intrigued, follow these steps, and you will be lonely no more. 

4. Watch a classic stoner movie

Looking for something relaxing to do. What about expanding your movie repertoire? Dive into that TV series you've been meaning to watch or get stuck into some David Attenborough if you want to really zone out.

To help with the feeling of loneliness, join your favourite celeb in their own stoned journey through the hills of Hollywood. Settle into these blockbusters with your favourite strain to help you pass through another day of COVID - 19 hibernation.

  • Pineapple Express (2008)
  • Tropic Thunder (2008)
  • Friday (1995)
  • Step Brothers (2008)
  • Starsky & Hutch (2004)
  • Tropic Thunder (2008)
  • Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

If there was ever going to be a time that the whole human race learnt how to relax like a stereotypical stoner, now would be the time.

‘Amidst the times of this surreal reality, we all have become but a mere stoner.’

5. Throw you and your friends a digital 4/20 party

If you have not already realised, being the year 2020 means that the whole month of April is 4/20. Amazing right! It could not have fallen at a more appropriate time - a time when we can really take advantage of it.

Although, with the official day only around the corner, you may feel a little sad that your big bash has been cancelled. But don't be sad. The internet was created for a reason! We spend plenty of time drinking and partying on Facetime, why not organise a 4/20 party where everyone gets baked on Facetime.

Reach out to your friends and plan to sit around, eat disgusting munchies food, and talk absolute non-sense. Or maybe not talk at all – just sit and stare at the screen. Another great idea comes from, who has suggested a great way we can be a little bit more connected this 4/20.  

“Perhaps – AT 4:20 on 4/20 of 2020 – we can all simply post a picture of us passing a lit joint as our Profile Picture – to show our stoner family out there that they are not smoking alone. We’re all in this – as one global family together.”


Thanks for reading 🙂

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