Agung Tallboy XL Straight Coloured Weed Leaf 75cm


Huge-sized Pyrex glass bong with a straight pipe design.

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Model no. 1194

Made to put the Burj Khalifa to shame, the Tallboy is infact, a tall boy. Standing at a whopping 75cm, this piece is child-safe by design. Little known fact, the Tallboy was once set to surpass Lebron James in championships, but was then terminated for having an “unfair height advantage”. The only thing more impressive than climbing to the top of mount everest is climbing to the top of the Tallboy, because then you get high in two ways.

This monstrous piece is constructed from durable Pyrex glass, keeping you high for years to come.

  • Agung made Pyrex glass
  • Height 75cm
  • Bonza stem and cone piece included
  • Stem colour may vary
  • Shot hole

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Best agung you can buy 👌🏻