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11 May, 2020

Explained: Bongs vs Joints

Smoking is the most common way to consume marijuana, as it can also be eaten and vaporized. Bongs filter the smoke through the water to get a gentler and less irritating hit, and they are a great alternative to smoking marijuana. Some would argue that joints are one of the most common method of smoking because they are easily accessible and can last long without special equipment. Where others would argue that smoking marijuana in a bong, sometimes also known as a hookah in European countries, is the most popular method of smoking marijuana.

Dried cannabis can be used in many ways, most popular are pipes, bongs, joints and blunts. Each variety has a unique effect, and your tolerance and how much you use, will of course also have an impact. Smoking joints is fantastic for social situations, while bongs are great if you want a strong intoxication at home or if it is just too hot to smoke. 

Studies on marijuana are severely limited around the world due to its legal status as a drug. Nevertheless, a study was recently published comparing the health effects of smoking a joint with smoking through a bong. The study found that the bong filtered out more THC while filtering out more tar and other toxic substances from the smoke. Other studies support the fact that bongs filter toxins from marijuana smoke, meaning that using a bong is probably a healthier choice than a joint or pipe.

Compared to bongs, joints are likely to be the worst kind of consumption. This is because you absorb more toxins when you smoke a joint, which can make you feel blurry and cough more. The smoke often feels hard in the lungs, so it is hard to take a bigger blow than with a bong. 

It is common for people to claim that a bong gets them higher than a joint or a peace-pipe. A joint gives you a weaker intoxication due to the purifying effect bongs offer and the no-nonsense THC hit they provide. 

A user in a Reddit thread discusses the fact that bongs provide the more so
psychoactive effects that the chemicals in cannabis, such as THC, provides. While there is a lack of scientific research on bong smoking itself, several marijuana A devices tested by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies have shown that smoking out of a bong does not produce more THC than joints. Thus, THC and other cannabinoids have a much better absorption rate in the lungs, and the smoke from bongs is inhaled more deeply, so that less smoke is lost. 

For this reason, many bong lovers will claim that smoking joints is a waste,
because in bongs, not only do you get more stoned, but you can get stoned with a small amount of weed.

Many people choose to mix tobacco with cannabis when they smoke, but the
pollutants in tobacco are not healthy for the lungs, the tobacco has to be mixed with the weed, which can ruin the pure effect of smoking Marijuana. 
All in all, it is up the user to decide which they prefer. And of course, what kind of environment you are in matters. As walking down the street smoking a blunt depending on where you live, would generally be reasonably accepted or more often un-noticed. Walking down the street smoking a bong, even where it is legal to smoke, will with-out a doubt draw a few eyes.

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